You must have read in many moral books and many wise people saying stuff that do not endorse gambling in the course of life. It can become a fatal addiction and can ruin the lives of not just the gamblers but their entire family. However, gambling isn’t really that bad as it has been portrayed in it is played in limits and just for sheer fun. Ever since man has seen the dawn of civilization, they have been playing the board games. Even the top ancient civilizations of the world have the descriptions of their respective board games recorded. Board games have a specific role to play in the mythology and history of most of the countries. If gambling was that bad, it would certainly not be the part of the classic lives of our gods. Today, as we have grown more civilized and technologically advanced, traditional board games have been replaced by online board games. The only difference between the traditional and online board games are the former being played in the real world and the latter in the virtual world. The essence of the games is, however, more or less the same.

Top Board Games to Play on Online Casinos

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There are many top slots that are based on the online board games themes. They are not only fun to play but also extremely productive in terms of boosting brainpower.

  1. Monopoly Plus: monopoly is a top board game that almost all of us are well acquainted with. It is a money game that requires quite an amount of talent to deal with. The online version of monopoly has also become one of the top online board games slots and has won millions of hearts already
  2. Cluedo: this is a game of clue by the popular gaming company IGT. The 5 reel slot is full of excitement as gives clues to you for guessing the right answer for the question asked. The player can place a bet ranging from 1 to 100 euros and the maximum amount that can be won is 25000 euros which are a great deal. Isn’t it?
  3. Monopoly You’re in the Money: this game although is based on the basic game of monopoly, is quite different from the basic game. It is again a 5 reel slot that gives you a whopping bonus on 30 pay lines.

Play the Most Popular Monopoly Slots Free

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