2018 has been a very significant year, full of games, but as is usual in this world, when we want to look back to recount all the good we have received, an avalanche of new announcements emerges on the horizon. 2019 already has on its launch ramp an immense amount of games in Spanish, many of them real jewels. Here is our exclusive list of games that we look forward to and are already announced in Spanish. We tried to make a top 10, but it was impossible for us. Let a top 11 and 1/2.

  1. Nemesis

The penultimate jewel of Awaken Realms (currently with Tainted Grail’s Kickstarter active and winning) in this game that drinks directly from Aliens ‘ films, both in theme and aesthetics. Over the last few weeks, the patrons who requested the English game are already receiving it, and the first reviews are all excellent. For the Spanish version, we will have to wait a few more months. Hopefully, we will receive it between February and March.

  1. Dungeon Universals

Another recent hit by Kickstarter, but this time 100% Spanish. This is an enormous dungeon crawler, which introduces rules so that we can adapt content from other games of the genre to our games. However, Dungeon Universals includes its campaign and a vast amount of material, so we will not lack components to create all sorts of adventures when we begin to receive it.

  1. Skull Tales: Full Sail!

Review of Skull Such should also come along in 2019. It does so with a renewed aesthetic, new mechanics, miniatures, campaigns. That is, it returns multiplied by 10.

This is a game of pirate adventures where we will have to manage our boat and make incursions in all kinds of islands. Even without a specific date, the kids at Eclipse Editorial talked about their release in April.

  1. Trickerion

Trickerion is a euro game that we have been waiting to see edited in our country, and that we will finally be able to see published during 2019 thanks to fucking Games. In it, we will have to control different magicians with whom we will acquire tricks and the necessary material to carry them out. All this to make representations to the public and gain points of Fame.

  1. Aeron’s End

Another game we’ve been crying out for a long time is this Aeon’s End, and it will finally be SD Games who will bring it to us in Spanish. It will also do so in a special box accompanied by its first two expansions.

  1. Day-Night Z

Another Spanish game that was successfully funded on Kickstarter, although in this case, it was already long ago. Day-Night Z is considerably behind him, but the game still looks great. This is a new revision to the classic zombie invasion but loaded with many details and possibilities, with a campaign as a central axis in which we will not only have to tour the two cities available to obtain all kinds of resources but also manage our settlement and organize our incursions well.

Champions of Midgard and Ravers of Midgard

Join here two games. On the one hand the highly expected Champions of Midgard, who finally saw the announcement of their Edition in Spanish thanks to more than Oca, and on the other Ravers of Midgard, their sequel set in the same Viking world, which will publish in Spanish Arrakis Games.

The first one has already proved its worth thanks to the significant criticism received since its launch; the second one also points very high, so we look forward to it with impatience.

  1. Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

At the beginning of this year, we will also need Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, the hand of Cursed Games. It is a game of research that relies on a mobile app, and that has been picking up great reviews this year. We will have puzzles and riddles of all kinds during the 5 cases that include the box, all of them perfectly integrated into the game plot

  1. Dinosaur Island

At the end of October transfer publishing finally gave the news of the publication of Dinosaur Island, a euro in which we must manage a theme park of dinosaurs, in the style of Jurassic Park. Very varied mechanics and a striking and colorful aesthetic are two of its great strengths.

  1. Heroes of Terrinoth

Those of us who love the Terrinoth universe look forward to this new cooperative card game set in the world of Descent or Rune bound. This is a retrofitting of the mechanics of Warhammer Quest, so the quality seems to be more than assured.

  1. Escape Such the Awakening

TCG Factory will be in charge of bringing us this original game of puzzles and riddles, very in line with the room Escapes, but adding replaceable options thanks to a book that will control our history in the classic style of Choose Your Adventure. He had a great reception in Essen, and here we are waiting with open arms. You will arrive in the spring.