News about table game launches. New developments, all related to new releases, reissues, Reprints, and new projects. Crowdfunding’s, a view by Kickstarter and Vercammen, where we will review the latest projects and those that are already underway. If you want to keep up to date with all the information in the world of board games, this is your section.

  1. Tak, Damn Games returns to the charge with an abstract Top

Tak is the new abstract board game announced by the fucking Games publishing house. The title, designed by James Ernest and Patrick Roth fuss is a very well-regarded among the games of the court abstract, hence its position in the top 20 of the BGG games of this style. A game designed for sets of 2 players with a duration of approximately 20 to 60 Minutes.

At the moment, there is no official confirmation of release dates, but it looks like the game could arrive by the end of this year. Nor can we confirm which Edition will bring damn Games, as, Tak has had multiple versions since its release. Tak is considered as one of the best abstract board games.

  1. Special Gene with 2019: The Isle of Cats, saving some charming cats

Special Gene with 2019: The Isle of Cats is the next game in our special dedicated to the fair of the Gene with 2019. The Isle of Cats is a puzzle-type board game, which seeks to provide further weight to games of this style.

Without getting too complicated, the title of the city of Games editorial adds more mechanics to the traditional placement of tiles that have other style games such as Patchwork, Cottage Garden Bear Park, this case the relevance of Cards will take on a significant weight, because it will allow obtaining unique ways to score (up to 38 different ways). Frank West’s design will enable games to of 1 to 4 players with a duration of approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

  1. Hands in the Sea, Do It Games presents a war game of worship

Hands in the Sea is the new war game court game that has just been introduced by the editorial Do It Games. The commentary has just announced the release of this title that will come in the Kickstarter edition that released Knight Works in 2016.

Hands in the Sea is a deckbuilding war game, inspired by the Superclass “a Few Acres of Snow.” A title for two players designed by Daniel Berger.

  1. Modern Art, Arrakis Games will bring a luxury edition of a top of auction games

Modern Art, The Classic Auction game, will have a new and luxurious version in Spanish, thanks to Arrakis Games. The Spanish publisher has just announced the agreement with Dice Tree Games, which will allow it to launch the deluxe edition of this editorial.

The recognized portal Analysis Paralysis conducted an interview with the team of the publishing house, who came forward that Modern Art will become their new title.

Modern Art is a Classic Auction game designed by Reiner Knizia, considered a top in its category.

The one that for many is the best auction game will feature a deluxe edition that will include easels for paintings, metal coins and even a wooden deck for auctions. A title designed for sets of 3 to 5 players, where we will become art dealers, to buy and sell paintings during sales and get the best possible benefits.