These are the best adult-only or adult-recommended board games we have found. Table and card games, it is best to play at a certain age, either because of their explicit content or because the rules are very complex.

Today we bring you another special dedicated to board games. After talking about the best table games for children, today we propose to talk about the best table games for adults. That is titles to which it is better to play with a certain age and with a well-adjusted head.

To make this list or table games ranking for an adult audience, we have compiled card and board games with certain specific features. On the one hand, we have considered that certain games, whose mechanics and development are involved, should be regarded as titles aimed at an older audience. On the other hand, there are several board games that we have included as reserved for adults because of their eschatological or explicit content.

In any case, diversity is at the time of day with this list of the best table games for adults. As you will see, we offer you from card games to board games with RPG mechanics, going through some “friend-breaker” that will get the worst out of all of you.

  1. Letters against humanity

Cards against humanity are one of the most popular board games, which also has an online version. This ca, rd game is one of the most celebrated in shop circuits. The competition seeks to find the most irreverent and absurd answers possible and also, why not say it? The most politically incorrect.

The mechanics are quite simple, a card is drawn, with a question, and players must offer answers with their cards. The most original, bold and brute, is the winner. You can find more details of this cruel game on the Cards Against humanity website.

  1. Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is a reenactment of the Cold War. The adult game, designed for two players confronts the US and the Soviet Union for World control between 1945 and 1989. It is a relatively severe simulator of international relations and foreign policy of the two powers in the mid-twentieth century.

Spies, arms race, rag stabbing… Welcome to one of the hottest and tensest conflicts in human history. The game evolves over the decades showing three stages of the East-West clash. Not suitable for people with tendencies to press the red button at the first change.

  1. Bears vs. Babies

Another card game, a little coffee. Bears vs. Babies is a monster builder of cards, created by the same Exploding Kittens managers (which we will talk about later). In itself, this game for adults you have some outputs of tone, but one thing comes to higher when we add the expansion NSFW, whose content is made explicit, it is 100% geared to an adult audience.

The goal of the game, attention, is to create monsters that devour children (yes, you have read well), who manages to produce the biggest elephant and devours more babies’ wins. Watch out, don’t expect tender, adorable babies either, but real monsters were coming out of hell’s fetus. If you want to know more, you can find information on the official Bears vs. Babies.

  1. Betrayal at Hill House on the Hill

For the rollers and lovers of terror, we have Betrayal at House on the Hill, a board game in which no game will be like, as each adventure is random. Inspired by classic horror movies and Hammer movies, this adult table game turns each player into an archetypal character from a scary story, except one of them is a traitor who pretends to rape his companions.

Bloody and quite care in terms of mechanics and descriptions, it is a youth title that adults will also enjoy. Possibly their mechanical role models back some more mature players, but they will soon find a way to settle scores with their friends forever!

  1. Bad People

If you want to know if your friends are kids of ***a, Bad People allows you to put cards in the matter and find out. Literally. This adult card game asks questions to participants. Problems that are compromised, by the way. The kind of funeral whose people would go least? What would be the worst telemarketer in a hotline?

If you want to know what your friends think, and if your mother’s right about you changing circles, it’s time to play Bad People. Give nothing, by the way.

  1. Diplomacy

Time to play high politics and Hall diplomacy. Diplomacy is a game which simulates international relations in Europe at the end of the NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH century. What could have prevented World War I? It’s time to find out. Diplomacy is a game where you have to negotiate with the rest of the players. To the point of literally signing treaties with them!

Instead of simple rules (though in English), the game forces you to make a deal if you want to keep the peace or take control of New Territories. It’s not just about knowing how to play your cards and your chips. It’s also about proving your word and how well you can play with diplomatic language.