Split Second Games is dedicated to creating imaginative, high-quality board and card games for players of all ages.  We believe that beauty vs. function is an outdated fight, we believe that fair play is a virtue meant to be taught at an early age and reinforced throughout life, and we believe in fun at all costs.

We hope you enjoy our games, and we look forward to meeting you soon.  Thanks.

Paul Imboden, President

My love of games began at age 2 with Hi Ho Cherry O.  There was no going back.

Since that time, I fell in with a fantastic gaming group that includes a musician who is now publisher of a very popular DIY book for musicians, as well as a former Rio Grande Games demo rep who now runs his own board game company (Ascora Games) and yet another musician whose love for vaudeville led him to create the Best PNP Expert Game of 2011.  For the past 10 years, our weekly game night was a boot camp for game design… and a heck of a good time.

All of these people have inspired me to create games of my own and seek out better ones.  Our first game, Quicksilver, will be Kickstarting soon.  I hope you enjoy it.

When I’m not playing or developing games, I’m dancing at Fizz on Swing Night or experimenting with pie recipes and barbecue rubs.  (Hey, a man’s gotta have a hobby.)  Also, I try to listen to live music where and when I can, which isn’t nearly often enough.

Randy’s a brilliant and funny man and I’m lucky to have him as an in-law, a partner, and a friend.

  • Board Games: Battlestar Galactica, Cosmic Encounter, PitchCar
  • RPGs: Munchausen, Primetime Adventures, Fiasco
  • Card Games: Euchre, Netrunner, Race for the Galaxy, Nefarious
  • Video Games: Rock Band, M.U.L.E., Civilization/Master of Orion
  • Pies: Apple-Cranberry, Blueberry, Key Lime

Randy Field, Chief Creative Officer

Last year, I left a comfy job in IT at a major design firm in Chicago to pursue a full-time career as an Illustrator/Designer.  It was around this time that serious development for our first game, Quicksilver, began.  Now, Split Second Games has become the main focus of my time & efforts.

Outside of Split Second Games, I create a webcomic called Problemtown, which may be enjoyed by fans of the slightly absurd. I also provide various creative services to a roster of (thankfully loyal) clients.  I am a voracious reader of comics, which are my life-long passion. I’ve also recently rediscovered my love of sculpting figures and fantasy subjects.

Paul and I have been friends since about ’98. I consider it mostly coincidence that my lovely & supportive wife, Sarah, is Paul’s sister.

  • Board Games:  Galactica, RISK, Power Grid
  • Artists: Mike Allred, Wil Eisner, Jeff Smith, Ralph McQuarrie
  • Bands: They Might Be Giants, David Bowie, Band of Horses, Ima Robot, Nick Cave
  • Video Games: Marble Madness, Super Mario World, Arkham Asylum/City, Fallout
  • Pies: Pumpkin, NY Cherry Cheesecake, Apple, Hostess Chocolate