Our first Gencon came as a surprise to us: We hadn’t anticipated attending the convention as a first-year publisher, but one of our retail customers made us a very attractive offer to showcase our game in their booth when another publisher canceled their plans at the last minute.  The convention was wonderful.  Some of the highlights include:

  • An interview with Stephen of The Spiel about Quicksilver, its design process, and our plans as a company moving forward;
  • A video preview of Quicksilver with Marco of 2d6.org, with a video-bomb from Lance of UndeadViking Boardgame Reviews;
  • 8 sessions of Quicksilver, including a packed 6p race with the gentlemen from Play the Game Podcast;
  • Scheduling interviews with Rob and Jason of Building the Game Podcast;
  • Wonderful and terrible jokes from James Ernest and Paul Petersen;
  • Wednesday evening watching Wil Wheaton accept the Diana Jones Award for Gaming Excellence and give a speech that nearly brought him to tears;
  • Thursday evening at the GenCon Games on Demand room;
  • Friday evening previewing new prototypes from up-and-coming designers;
  • Saturday night wrap-up at the JW Marriott bar with Grant, Cole, Chevee, and AJ;
  • and too many great costumes, food truck meals, and top-shelf people who we met.

If you can handle crowds of up to 50k people and want to see each and every aspect of gaming culture under one roof, we can’t say enough good things about GenCon.  We have BIG plans for our full-blown debut at GenCon 2014 and we can’t wait until next year.

As for wooden boxes, we have a picture of the dry-fit prototype (no glue/nails)… and it’s been worth waiting for.