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Quicksilver is an airship racing game for 2-6 adventurous pilots. Race through the open countryside of Paradise Falls or the tight city landscape of New Covington. Choose the proper balance between speed and safety, avoiding man-made and natural obstacles (and the dastardly attacks of your opponents) as you round the checkpoints and rush toward the finish line. Fortune favors the bold, so fly with grace and win the Queen’s favor!

Game Features

  • Easy ruleset to learn, with emerging tactical gameplay
  • Two racecourses with two different play styles
  • Customizable racecourses for shorter or longer games
  • Additional obstacles for added challenges
  • Beautiful and immersive artwork

Praise for Quicksilver

There is one (game) that is definitely my pick of (Origins 2013), and that is a brand-new, post-Kickstarter game called Quicksilver. It’s a game about zeppelin racing… It has that ‘je ne sais quoi’, that unknowable element that makes it really click and come together for me. I really enjoyed Quicksilver. It’s my favorite of the show.” (Eric Summerer of The Dice Tower, Ep. 311, 48:50.)

“Jolly good show, old chap! A fairly simple set of rules makes for a fun game about racing airships… The artwork on everything is great, and I really like the style… The board, with its checkpoints built-in obstacles, is laid out really well.” (Jonathan Liu of Wired’s GeekDad)

“Quicksilver is an interesting design that combines features from boardgames, war-games, and even collectible card games to create a unique racing game. More importantly, this game is fun to play!”  (PlayUnplugged)

In the end, we love (Quicksilver). Plain and simple.” (Slamfist Media)


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