a pulp adventure cooperative dice game for 1-4 players
by award-winning designer Jay Little
infecting Kickstarter in 2016

Nearly 75% of the US population is infected with an airborne disease: the Z-B13 virus.  About a quarter of these people are at Stage 3 of the infection, reduced to shambling husks.  The numbers of the ‘Afflicted’ are growing by the day.  Cities throughout the US Midwest are emptying as healthier citizens flee for the coasts and roving gangs terrorize the highways.  Today on the Internet, a madman released his manifesto — it says he developed Z-B13 for a reason, and he will continue his experiment on humanity until his demands are met.  He calls himself… ’Patient Zero’.

In Patient Zero, players undertake the search for the person responsible for the apocalyptic outbreak.  Immune from the effects of the virus, characters will band together and travel from city to city, scavenging for the clues and resources that will lead them to a final confrontation against this madman.

“I am really excited about Patient Zero,” says award-winning designer Jay Little. “I wanted to design a zombie game where you don’t actually fight the zombies — because the survivors hope that these Afflicted can still be saved. Patient Zero’s gameplay combines many of my favorite mechanics; push-your-luck elements and risk-reward decisions that will weigh heavily on the players. With clever teamwork opportunities and a crisp pace, Patient Zero keeps everyone engaged, even on other players’ turns.”

Patient Zero does for the zombie game what Elder Sign did for Arkham Horror,” says Split Second Games President Paul Imboden. “It takes one of gaming’s most beloved themes, condenses its playtime to an hour, and doesn’t sacrifice gameplay for the sake of that theme.  We love Jay’s optimistic take on the genre, and we have big plans for further developing Patient Zero.”

“Working with Split Second Games is definitely the right move for Patient Zero,” says Jay Little. “They have seen Patient Zero grow over the years and they really understand more than just what the game does, but what the game is about.  Along with their commitment to the highest quality art and components, this partnership couldn’t be a better fit.”

Patient Zero is a pulp adventure co-operative dice game designed by Jay Little, for one to four players ages 13 and up, with a playtime of 45-60 minutes.  Patient Zero will be previewed at BGG.con 2015 (November 18-22, 2015 in Dallas, TX) in advance of a Kickstarter launch in the first half of 2016.