a spacetime rescue puzzle game for 2-4 players
designed by Brian Suhre

In the near future of Paradox, a space-time disturbance called The Quake is fracturing entire worlds’ timelines and removing these worlds from existence. Two to four players take on the roles of scientists working quickly to repair these worlds’ connections to their past, present, and future by making new time strands — however, every repaired connection ripples through time and fuels the Quake to fracture more worlds. When the storm’s power fades, the most successful scientist will be hailed as a hero throughout the multiverse.

Paradox takes familiar boardgame elements such as card drafting, set collection, and resource management, then adds a Bejewelled-like grid of colorful disks for each player to manipulate, along with a universe of worlds that must be protected by game’s end. As a result, Paradox presents players with a unique experience that is simple to learn yet challenging to master as players navigate three interlocking systems to protect these worlds from the chaotic forces of the Quake.

Paradox is designed by Brian Suhre and is illustrated by 15 artists, each with their unique view of one of the Paradox worlds.  Paradox plays in about 20-30min per player.

The Paradox Rulebook is available for download. CLICK HERE.

Game Features

  • Quick learning curve for gameplay
  • Amazing otherworldly artwork from 15 talented illustrators, representing each of the game’s worlds
  • Familiar “match-3” style of gameplay attractive to casual gamers
  • Timing and Universe/Quake interaction attractive to strategy and puzzle gamers.
  • Modular design allows players to customize games to desired complexity and challenge

Praise for Paradox

Stephen Conway, The Spiel
“Innovative is a word that I try not to throw around when I describe games, even ones I like or love… Paradox looks, feels, and plays in a way that truly deserves to be called innovative. [Designer Brian Suhre] found such an elegant way to incorporate a modern digital gaming meme into the cardboard world and put it in service of a grand strategy.”

Bill Corey, The Dice Tower Showdown, The Cubist
“The pacing [of Paradox] is excellent.  There’s plenty to think about when it’s not your turn, the turns are short, and everything just makes sense.  It’s super-intuitive…  [Paradox] is a really, really good game.  I would hand you money right now.”

Matt Snodgrass, Play Unplugged
“It’s been 12 hours since I played [my first game of] Paradox — and it’s all I’ve been able to think about! [Paradox] is a game that really screws with your head, to say it politely. I like it a lot.”

Grant Rodiek, Hyperbole Games
“Paradox is a wonderful mixture of moving parts.  The simple drafting paired with the ‘match 3’ inspired puzzle makes it a lovely challenge.”

John Zaenglein, The Chalk Reviews
“Art so good I want it on my walls… the gameplay happens to be great, too!”

Chris Zinsli, Cardboard Edison
“Paradox is absolutely fascinating. There’s so much interesting stuff going on in this game. I can’t wait to play it again.”

Marty Connell, Rolling Dice and Taking Names
“What makes Paradox unique is its ‘Bejeweled’ mechanic for generating resources. This mechanic requires lots of strategy for not only planning your current move, but future moves. It’s not a gimmick. It works really well. As such, this unique game is a lot of fun.”

W. Eric Martin, BoardGameGeek News
“The art is fantastic… The weird mix of styles makes perfect sense for a time-travel game since you’re essentially seeing all sorts of possible worlds mashed together in one multiverse that you are now responsible for saving.”

Joe Gennaro, The Nerdologues
“[Paradox is] such a fun game.  Trying to plan everything out just right, and then watching those plans crumble to dust because of the Quake or a more pressing need… it makes for a really fun gaming experience.”