In Paradox, player are scientists tasked with working together to save as much of the universe as possible from the destructive force of the Quake — a task made more difficult by the unintentional effects of other players’ successful interventions.  The player who scores the most points at the end of the game is credited for saving the universe: While others followed, you led the way.

Players score points by collecting sets of cards from 15 different worlds, such as Faridae, an underwater world whose current tsunamis will eventually transform its residents’ lives.

In each world set there are three Timeline cards representing the Past, Present, and Future timeline of that world, as well as a Nexus card representing its location in physical space.  Larger sets score more points for a player… assuming that world is not fractured out of the space-time continuum at the end of the game.

These three Timeline cards show the transformation of the underwater world of Faridae as it slowly becomes landbound.

A game of Paradox lasts 12 rounds.  Each round is broken down into sections that will be described in subsequent posts.