Players spend two actions on their matrix, attempting to create time strands by making rows and/or columns of similarly colored discs.

When formed, these time strands immediately clear from the player’s matrix and refill in the direction of their matrix compass: filling from left to right, from bottom to top.  Time strands produce resources of a given color: one resource for a strand of four discs, two resources for five.  These resources are placed directly on the timeline cards on a player mat.

Players may spend a single action to:

  • Exchange two discs sharing the same symbol, or
  • Claim a time strand that was created during a refill.

[Left} Making 1 swap to form a strand of 4 black, yielding 1 black resource

[Right] Making 2 swaps instead to create a strand of 5 black, yielding 2 black resources

When a timeline card has enough of the required resources, it is removed from the player mat and placed into a scoring pile.  Hurrah!…

Any cards that remain on the player mat after these two actions slide one space to the right.  If the card falls off the right-most edge of the player mat, it is discarded along with any resources that may have allocated.  The timeline is Lost…