Coming in October to Kickstarter: Zero Hour

Split Second Games is proud to announce our third title: Zero Hour, a cooperative press-your-luck dice game on the edge of civilization by award-winning designer Jay Little, coming to Kickstarter on May 30th.

Learn more about the world of Zero Hour on the Zero Hour homepage and our Kickstarter preview (links below):

Zero Hour Overview
The Survivors
The City Map
The Event Board
The City Phase
The Event Phase
The Masterminds
The Final Showdown



Paradox is now available!

"Innovative is a word that I try not to throw around when I describe games, even ones I like or love… Paradox looks, feels, and plays in a way that truly deserves to be called innovative. [Designer Brian Suhre] found such an elegant way to incorporate a modern digital gaming meme into the cardboard world and put it in service of a grand strategy." - Stephen Conway, The Spiel

"The pacing [of Paradox] is excellent.  There's plenty to think about when it's not your turn, the turns are short, and everything just makes sense.  It's super-intuitive...  [Paradox] is a really, really good game." - Bill Corey, The Dice Tower Showdown, The Cubist



Quicksilver is an airship racing game for 2-6 players aged 13+. Players race their airships around the open air of Paradise Falls or the skies above New Covington, avoiding obstacles and challenging their opponents with luck, tactics, and brinksmanship. Each game takes about 10-15 minutes per player, depending upon the race layout.